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The Aspire SLX Pod Kit is not just another closed pod system to forget about. The research and technology in the unit is all aimed at one goal... delivering an experience that will give smokers no excuse possible to not choose the SLX over traditional Tobacco smoking.


In a test study using the SLX even the most stubborn users of Tobacco were able to deliver their daily Nicotine requirements exclusively via this device.

Stubborn Tobacco Smokers have failed to make the switch for the following reasons:

1. Sold the wrong device to replicate the feeling of smoking to start with.

2. Changing Coils and Batteries is just too much hassle compared to smoking.

3. Pressing buttons does not replicate using a cigarette.


The Aspire SLX finally overcomes all of these issues and delivers what the smoker is looking for.


The Aspire SLX User Experience

The SLX Pod technology delivers an instant, smooth inhale via the 1.3ohm Ceramic Coil. This delivers a perfect mouth to lung vaping experience for the end user. The throat kick is accurate, the nicotine kick is faultless and the enhanced flavour technology means it will taste exactly as it should everytime.  The device is installed with a brand new auto draw system, meaning no button to press, simply inhale and the device will do all the work for you and deliver a flawless experience everytime.

The pods are fully closed and are pre-filled with E-Liquid. The E-Liquid is supplied by one of the worlds largest brands who operate out of the USA. This means you are getting safe, tested juice that has a proven success in the market. The E-Liquid using its trademarked Nicotine Salt Formula delivers a fantastic experience time and time again. SLX Pods will be sold in a variety of flavours in packs of 3 at a wonderful price point.

End users have zero coils to change or E-Liquid to fill. Much like a traditional Cigarette, the user simply desposes of the pod once empty. Installing a new pod is so simple using Magnetic connections, that there is no excuse for stubborn smokers not to make the switch.


The Aspire SLX battery is an on-board 450mah cell that is capable of rapid recharge going from empty to full within 60 minutes.

As the pod features a 1.3ohm coil the SLX battery is designed to output a constant 3.4volts which delivers the optimum experience and battery longevity for end users.

With the quality of the delivery of Nicotine in the SLX, end users should have no problem getting through the day without constantly charging the device.

The LED on the SLX will always inform the user as to the current battery levels. Green - More the 60% remaining, Blue More than 30% and Red less than 30% and a charge is needed soon.


Aspire SLX Build Quality.

Built using an ergonomic and yet durable metallic housing. The SLX feels superior in your hands whilst maintaining a sleek and slim profile.






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